Work disappointments

I am posting this with the deepest sadness in my heart.Ever worked for a company with someone who is supposed to be your leader or manager but in competition with you because you have higher qualifications than them.They would not promote you ,but they use you in the same capacity.You are good enough to step in to help,but not good enough to be given that job.How unfair life is.

The Love of my life

The whole armor of God

My pics

Why I am where I am

Ever since I got born again,life has not been easy ,I have had challenges in my life ,and sometimes never thought I would have made it this far,but thank God who has been my strength ,and been there for me.Father God,you are faithful

Swahili challenge

Hi guys,I have started to learn Swahili,and what a nice experience it is,I love it.Hoping to visit Kenya very soon.


Marriage is a beautiful thing between two people.God created it,He had a plan for it.I font under stand why we cheat on our spouses,why do we not respect ourselves and live right.

Always know that you can change whatever is around you to be what you aspire it to be.


I grew up without a father and everything that I went through as a child, I ask myself if things could have turned differently if he was around.I became very angry towards my mother even though I did not show it.There are things I went through as a child which I believe my mother could have protected me from ;but she did not.She passed on in 2016 December, I still expected a lot from her but I guess God has his own plans for us which supersedes any other. After she was gone I realised I had anger and my kids have to put up with me most times with .I asked His help to help me forgive my mother and forgive myself ,and that I needed to let go of the past,not to Allie it to dictate my future.Forgiveness heals.

In life do not expect that the people you help are the ones who will help you when you need help.Do everything for anyone without expecting payback,your reward is in heaven.God sees everything you do and will reward you.Do not seek to be praised by men ;allow God to lift you up in His time.